About Escape Landscape -- A different approach to ... everything.

Escape Landscape - What does that mean?

Escape Landscape, founded in 2015, is a full service lawn and home exterior maintenance provider servicing Western Kentucky. We are based in Mayfield, KY. Check out our services page to learn more about our tiers and the services we proudly offer to you.

Our approach is different. Our company is about the CUSTOMER. Our services our about the CUSTOMER. In a time when cordial, professional and customer-focused services are difficult to find, Escape Landscape wants to be a model for other businesses in Western Kentucky.

What does the name mean?
The naming is aimed at the customer. Some people DREAD doing lawn work ... or they do not have time. Our lives are busy and there's no sign that it will change. Escape Landscape allows the customer to do just that - escape the chores so that you can do more important things.

How is Escape different from the others out there?
Many people are grabbing a trailer, a zero turn mower and going out to get customers. We are different. We are getting customers and catering our services to their needs. We ALWAYS dismount the mower to move your belongings ... and guess what, we still use our push mower and weed trimmers as a regular offering. That's part of the job of making a lawn look nice. It also keeps the maintenance lower on the home over time to do things RIGHT.

Here's another huge difference for the customer.
Escape Landscape is INSURED. In Western Kentucky, there are many people 'mowing' for customer's WITHOUT insurance. In the event of an accident during a lawn service -- who pays the bill for property damage or injury? That's right... the customer. Do you want to get stuck with a bill for an accident - OR WORSE - someone's negligence?

Here are the things we see as the bottom line for our customers:
  • Our customers work hard for their money so Escape Landscape does the same. If we all work hard and do the right thing we will achieve life balance as it relates to home maintenance.
  • Our customers want to trust their Landscape Maintenance provider.
  • Our customers use us because we communicate. We show up on time. Our vehicles and equipment are as clean and quiet as possible.
  • Our customers have many ways to pay, many ways to contact us and we want them to feel as though we are accessible.
  • Our customers know that we never overbook our jobs. We take our time and do things right.
  • Our customers money and property are more important than our company profits.

About The Owner / Operator - Bryan M. Howell

We all like to think we are different. It's part of that American spirit. Bryan M. Howell grew up in Harvey, KY. For those of you that do not know, that's a suburb of Benton, KY. He led a regular Marshall County existence. He started mowing lawns for money with his dad when he was 13 years old. Then he mowed lawns at the road department for two summers. He's also worked in tobacco, hay and dealt with hogs from time to time. Two things were always clear - he works hard and he loves to be outdoors.

After marrying a local gal named Carrie in a controversial elopement, he and his new bride moved off to explore the western United States. In this exploration there was a shift in professional focus. Bryan began building web sites. Even when the Internet was less common, Bryan was out there building sites. So for over 15 years - the man that loved to work hard and be outdoors was stuck in an office.

Escape Landscape is aimed at Bryan too. It symbolizes his escape from the office and back to what he loves most -working outside.

Stats about Bryan M. Howell --
  • Graduate of Marshall County High School
  • Graduate of Murray State University
  • Graduate of Keller Graduate School of Management
  • Trained & Certified in Horticulture and Aquoponics by Garden Pool (gardenpool.org)
  • A welding student and practitioner : with many hours operating many types of welding devices
  • A Certified Handyman and an active member of AHCP.org
  • An experienced homeowner with vast home care and remodeling experience
  • Lifelong Athlete - Baseball, Basketball, Cycling, Rock Climbing, Snowboarding
  • Successful "Old Man" Endurance Athlete including two full Ironman Triathlons in 2012
  • Not a quitter
  • Wife is better than him
  • Loves marking items off his checklists
  • Loves making lawns look their best